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Juliska Firenze Collection

The Juliska Firenze Marbelized Medici collection is inspired by the ancient art of swirling Florentine marbelized papers. This sumptuous combination of real gold and platinum pays homage to the illustrious Medici family whose wealth and arts patronage is often credited for the European Renaissance. As Firenze Medici contains real gold and platinum, it is not suitable for the microwave or dishwasher...but it's too fabulous to resist!
Pistachio Firenze Salad
Firenze Pistachio charger
Firenze Delft Blue Charger
Juliska Delft blue Dessert Salad
Cappucino firenze Charger
Firenze Cappucino Salad Dessert
Firenze Medici Charger
Firenze Medici Dessert Plate