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Juliska Winter Frolic

Juliska Winter Frolic
New for Juliska is the Winter Frolic Collection, table top settings that make us grin and beckons us to run outside , make snow angels, pelt each other with snowballs, and return rosey cheeked to the welcome of marshmellowy hot cocoa! Each unique piece feature the Juliska quintessential English Country Estate with joyful wintery scenes. The classic red and white palette allows you to dress it up with your fine silver pieces and red roses or keep it casual with warm rustic elements like pine cones and clove stuffed clementines. The over sized comfort cup is probably our favorite piece - curl up with steaming homemade soup or tea and wrap your hands around it for , well, comfort!
Winter Frolic Tree Platter Twelve Days Of Christmas
Winter Frolic Mug
Winter Frolic Centerpiece Bowl
Winter Frolic Santa's Cookie Tray
Winter Frolic Gift Tray-Merry Christmas
Winter Frolic Gift Tray-Joy To The World
Winter Frolic Trivet
Winter Frolic Tree Tray
Reindeer Games
Reindeer Games
Reindeer Games Tidbit Plates Set/4
Reindeer Games Comfort Bowl
Reindeer Games Party Plates Set/12
Reindeer Games Party Plate - Dasher
Reindeer Games party Plate-Dancer
Reindeer Games Party Plate - Prancer
Reindeer Games Party Plate - Vixen
Reindeer Games Party Plate - Comet
Reindeer Games Party Plate - Cupid
Reindeer Games Party Plate - Donner
Reindeer Games Party Plate - Blitzen
Reindeer Games Party Plate - Rudolph
Winter Frolic Dinner Plate
Cereal Bowl
large Serving Platter
Hostess tray
Juliska Winter Frolic Ramekin