Juliska Puro - Mist Grey **NEW - Culinary Connection Gifts

Juliska Puro - Mist Grey **NEW

Puro Mist Grey
Inspired by the Portuguese regard for objects found in their most natural and uncontrived state, Juliska created this simultaneously modern and timeless collection - simply beautiful by design, richly textural, and the perfect neutral canvass to serve up your every culinary adventure. Also ideal for layering with our additional whitewash collections with wild abandon.
Puro Grey 5 PC Placesetting
Mist Grey Dinner
Puro Mist Grey Dessert
Puro Grey Mist Side Plate
Puro Grey Mist Cereal Bowl
Puro Grey Mist Puro Coupe Bowl
Juliska Mist Grey Mug
Juliska Puro Grey Mist 10.5 Serv Bowl
Juliska Grey Mist Rounded Serving Bowl