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Juliska Al Fresco **NEW

Al Fresco
From the juliska Al Fresco Collection- fantastic melamine dinnerware was made with the adventurous entertainer in mind. Durability meets design with this bright seashell mosaic pattern and will add a bit of flair to your pool party, patio dinner or picnic.
Lalana Floral Melamine Dinner Plate
Lalana Floral Melamine Dessert/Salad Plate
Berry & Thread Melamine Whitewash Coupe Bowl
Berry & Thread Melamine Whitewash 12
Isabella Acrylic Pitcher
Isabella Acrylic Large Beverage
Isabella Acrylic Tumbler
Isabella Acrylic Goblet
Isabella Acrylic Berry Bowl
Berry & Thread Melamine Whitewash 16
Lalana Floral Napkin
Melamine Dinner
Berry & Thread Melamine Dessert
Splatter dessert
Splatter Dinner Plate